Bee’s Food Drive Signs Constitution as a Small Charity

London, United Kingdom, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Bee’s Food Drive, a small charity committed to fighting food insecurity and hunger, signed its constitution on the 30th of March 2023. Although the organisation is not currently registered with the Charity Commission, it is operating as a non-profit organisation with a clear commitment to its mission.

Founded by Ms Rashidat Alao, Bee’s Food Drive has been actively involved in raising awareness about food insecurity and providing nutritious meals to people in need in Nigeria. The signing of the constitution is a significant milestone in the organisation’s journey towards making a lasting impact in the fight against hunger.

The constitution gave Bee’s Food Drive the opportunity to include a secondary “other” purpose to its activities such as supporting specific people in need in the UK.

“We are delighted to have signed our constitution and to be taking the first steps towards becoming a registered charity,” said Ms Rashidat Alao. “We recognize the importance of transparency and accountability, and we are committed to meeting the standards required for charitable status.”

The constitution signing ceremony was attended remotely by members and supporters of Bee’s Food Drive. At the event, Ms Rashidat Alao highlighted the organisation’s commitment to transparency and accountability, as well as building partnerships with stakeholders in the fight against hunger.

As part of its commitment to fighting food insecurity, Bee’s Food Drive has put in place a range of programmes and initiatives to support those in need, including food drives, educational programmes, and emergency food aid. The organisation is also committed to empowering volunteers with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact in their communities.

Bee’s Food Drive is actively seeking to partner with individuals, businesses, and organisations to join in the fight against food insecurity and hunger in our community.

Contact details

For more information about Bee’s Food Drive, or to support our mission, please visit BFD.SHIDAHEALTHCARE.ORG or contact Ms Rashidat Alao at

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