Bee's Food Drive community outreaching supporting homeless children living in Gwagwalada Abuja, Nigeria


Welcome to our food drive page! Bee’s Food Drive is a nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to feeding and supporting vulnerable children and adults living in Nigeria.

Bee’s Food Drive aims to provide nutritious meals and other items that are necessary to help those who are struggling with food insecurity. This is especially important as Nigeria has a high level of poverty and lots of people have been displaced from their homes due to the activities of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

At Bee’s Food Drive, we accept monetary donations to help us purchase the items we need. We also accept donations of non-perishable food items, if you can deliver them to us in Nigeria either in Port Harcourt, Rivers State or Gwagwalada, Abuja.

Please support the work we do by making a donation today.

If you would like to find out more about the history of Bee’s Food Drive, please click here.


View our latest Outreach Report to see what our supporters have helped us accomplish in the past year. Below are some examples of how we have used the donations we received to help feed vulnerable children and adults living in Gwagwalada, a small town in Abuja, Nigeria:

₦5,400 (£6/$7 as at 19.02.2023) buys:

  • one box of instant noodles with 40 packs

₦40,000 £44/$52 as at 19.02.2023) buys:

  • seven boxes of instant noodles with 40 packs per box
  • six crates of 30 eggs per crate
    • This supplies:
      • up to 80 vulnerable children with a pack of noodle and one egg for lunch
      • up to 100 vulnerable adults with two packs of noodles and one egg for lunch

We give instant noodles because each pack comes with spices and can be eaten as a proper meal on its own. It is has a long expiry date and does not spoil quickly.

We know that this is not enough and that is why we seek your support.

You can see our existing fundraising campaigns below. Please DONATE now.

You can also click here to make monthly donations.

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